Abraham Joffe ACS | Ice light commercial shoot
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04 Sep Ice light commercial shoot

Jerry Ghionis approached us only a few months ago to help him create an epic commercial to showcase his amazing ice light. Jerry, ever the creative, had a very strong view of what he wanted. Working with his strong vision was terribly refreshing. Jerry, a world-renowned photographer, had to my knowledge little experience in motion, but you wouldnt have guessed it being on location. He had story-boarded all of the scenes, organised locations, models and props. Really all we needed to bring was our skills with the shooting and to block-out the scenes.


Filming took place all over the city of Melbourne over two cold winter nights. A team of five including a talented aerial camera operator shot guerrilla-style on over fifteen separate locations.


The aerials were provided by the very talented Toby De Jong. He flew his impressive, custom-built hex-copter with incredible stability. He was able to position the camera to the exact locations which I desired. The on-ground monitor allowed us to review the shots happening in real-time. The main camera we used was the Canon 1DC. Its compact size enabled us to work at speed and in some very tight spots (stairwell for one) as well as exceptional low light performance. Many of the scenes were shot at up to 6400ISO. The other factor was that we wanted to shoot it all at 50FPS to add to the drama. Using the 1DC meant we could get through scenes quickly and achieve shots with relatively short setup time. One example of this was shooting from the back of the van whilst Jerry ran behind.


Overall, everyone had a blast working on this fun little project and we were all pretty exhausted after the two nights, no-one more than Jerry!


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